Onions that move off the shelves.
A first-class produce department separates an average grocery store from a great grocery store. It is the sum of the brands that it stocks. Because Oso Sweet onions are grown from a single seed variety, with consistent shape, color, appearance and taste, they provide a cornerstone brand for your produce department.
Each Oso Sweet onion arrives at your produce department in dynamic, display ready packaging, such as our signature wood crate or attractive bags, all designed to appeal to your customers and move product.

The Oso Sweet Program for Success
The Oso Sweet Program is a fixed-price program that allows you to plan without concerns for market fluctuations. At Oso Sweet, we protect you in a heated market and guarantee your supply in the winter onion season.
The bottom line: Oso Sweet provides you quicker inventory turns with minimal shrink, and higher gross sales and profits than any other sweet onion.


The Oso Sweet Year Round Program

Oso Sweet Onions are available:

  • January to March - Chile: shipping from Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Port Everglades and Rotterdam
  • April to May - Texas: shipping from Weslaco, Rotterdam and Los Angeles
  • May to June - California: shipping from Bakersfield
  • June to September - New Mexico: shipping from Las Cruces
  • May to September - Georgia: shipping from Vidalia and Los Angeles
  • September to January - Peru: shipping from Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Savannah and Rotterdam

No other produce item is handled as well as the Oso Sweet onion. From the time of harvest to when it reaches the customer, each step is carefully monitored in order to deliver the finest sweet onion available. Each onion is computer sorted and sized to deliver a uniform product in each box.

Freight Service
Freight service is provided with minimum quantity requirements.

Storage Tips
We highly recommend storing Oso Sweets at 45 degrees under low humidity conditions.

Mediums: 2 ¼” to 3 1/8”
Jumbos: 3 1/8” to 4 ¼”
Colossals: 4 1/4” to 5”


Wood crates
40lb. Jumbos and Colossals

Oso Sweets are shipped in our signature 40lb. wood crates with bold, stylized graphics making them perfect for display. Crates come 54 per pallet.

40lb. Jumbos and Colossals

Oso Sweets are shipped in our 40lb. cartons. Cartons come 64 per pallet.


Oso Sweets are available in three sizes of attractive mesh bags with eye-catching graphics.

2lb. Mediums
(24/Master Bag)

3lb. Mediums
(16/Master Bag)

5lb. Jumbos
(8/Master Bag)



New this season, 10lb. Jumbos, available in cardboard boxes with bold Oso Sweet graphics.




5lb. Jumbo Mesh Bags
(130 Bags per Bin)

Our bins are designed for strong impact at point-of-purchase.



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