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Cajun Oso Sweet Onion Relish

Preparation Time: 20 Min. | Serves: 6

Either with crusty bread, a thick slice of cheese & a glass of wine or on any sandwich or hot dog; this is the ultimate relish. Best used as a party dip, this Cajun sensation also makes great gift jars. Great to keep around the house: store in the refrigerator and serve at room temperature.



1 Cup
1 Cup
1/4 Cup
1/4 Cup
1/4 Cup
1/4 Cup
1-1/4 Cups
1/4 Cup
1 Tblspns
1 Tblspns
1 Tblspns
1 Tblspns

Green stuffed olives (sliced)
Black olives (sliced)
OSO Sweet Onion (fine chopped)
Garlic (chopped)
Celery (fine chopped)
Carrots (fine chopped)
Olive oil
Vinegar (red wine or Balsamic)
Sweet basil
Cajun seasonings
To taste



Mix this all together and enjoy on sandwiches, great as a dip over crusty bread or with grilled fish or chicken dishes. One taste and you'll say Oh So good!


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