Cajun OSO Sweet Onion Relish OSO Cheesy Hot Onion Dip OSO Chicken Basil Stir Fry OSO Cuban Sandwich OSO Maple-Balsamic Chicken Thighs
OSO Margarita Shrimp OSO Sunshine Slaw OSO Sweet Brandied Pork Tenderloin OSO Sweet Onion Steak Sammies OSO Sweet Thyme Rings
Oso White Bean Chili Oso Chicken Salad Oso Black Beans Oso Mojo Oso Fiesta Salsa
All of the featured Oso Sweet recipes are simple, easy-to-make dishes that require minimal ingredients, but pack in lots of flavor! These effortless recipes are perfect for an after work meal or before an unexpected get-together! Either way, you’ll enjoy these tasty treats!

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It All Started With a Bowl of Soup!

Oso Sweet onions hold up better in cooking than any other sweet onions and maintain texture, shape and rich onion flavor, whether served raw or cooked in your favorite dish. Not only do Oso Sweets spice up your meal, but they are virtually tearless and offer a mild, subtle aroma. No other sweet onions are better to cook with than Oso Sweets because the high sugar content and low pungency allow your meals to be sweeter and tastier than ever before. Also, Oso Sweets are extremely digestible, ensuring that every guest will enjoy a meal made with this delicious sweet onion.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing through our recipes that have been designed exclusively to highlight the unmatchable taste of Oso Sweet onions. Whether it’s maple-balsamic chicken thighs, black beans, Cuban sandwiches, or any of our other delectable dishes, you will be amazed at the Oso Sweet onion taste that comes bursting through with every bite.

Now, enjoy printing our recipes on your choice of paper size to ensure that these tasty Oso Sweet onion dishes can be safely tucked away in your recipe box for use over and over again. Trust us, your guests will be asking for these dishes again—and be sure to tell them where you found the recipe!


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